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Providing the Best Roofing in all of San Antonio!

Do you have a Flat Roof, Gravel Roof, Tile Roof ,Metal Roof, or a Shinggle Roof?



Done Right Roofing Co. of San Antonio puts our customers first.

We know that nothing is more important that making a positive difference in our community, and we take it seriously! Not that we don't have a sense of humor. Why, our laughter can really raise the roof at a wrap party!

Seriously, now...

After good, clean water and healthy food, a human's most basic need is a roof over her or his head. It is a privilege to serve our community in this capacity. We see day after day happy customers with a new sense of peace after we solve their roofing problems. Just like taking care of your body helps avoid hospital bills down the line, taking care of your home on a regular basis prevents disasters. Also, maintaining a strong and healthy roof prevents damages such as leakages and mold in your home. Regular inspections of your roof can ensure that your house stays in good condition, which is integral to the safety of your family and the protection of your valuable investment. 

Done Right is a family-run business. 

Our founder comes from a big Texas family of contractors in the roofing, window and landscaping businesses. He saw the way these craftsmen and women were able to serve their neighbors in a way that benefited everyone and helped the community grow and prosper. He decided to form a roofing company when friends came to him asking for recommendations for where to go. For a while, he would refer them to the big boys of roofing in the area, like Stephens or Rolands, but eventually he realized he has enough referrals on hand to go out on his own! Better yet, he could employ great talent that lived in other areas that didn't have as much need for roofers as we do in thriving San Antonio.

And so, Done Right was born.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you! Call now with any questions!

Again we look forward to meeting with you and giving you a quote and some ideas if you are in search of making your yard or property stand out. For more information or a quote please click here or call 210-899-6111​​​​​​​​.