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Done Right San Antonio Roofers love what we do, but sometimes, we get bored! Sure, its extremely gratifying to mend broken roofs. Yes, we enjoy working with our customers to design the perfect, cost-effective and enduring roof for their new home.

Still, everybody needs a hobby!

Thats what additions are like for us. You know, like the software engineer who gets home from a long day looking at the computer only to get home and get on his personal computer to watch videos of Nyan Cat sailing through a rainbow cloud, or small children with extraordinary karate skills performing on daytime TV.

Not that we're judging! 

Our hobby is the same way. When the normal roofing work is done, (and DONE RIGHT), we look forward to the side projects. And theres no side project more delightful than putting up a gabled patio cover over a boring back yard.

Suddenly, the space becomes magical! And for such a reasonable cost! Our customers are unequivocally thrilled to feel their yard become an enchanted garden. It doesn't hurt that adding a shade arbor or a balcony drastically increases the resale value of your house. And allows for your kids to play "Romeo and Juliet" or "Rapunzel" with greater verisimilitude.

Car Ports 

A car port is one very simple and affordable way to enhance your life. 


First, your car is protected. Rain can be acidic and eventually compromise your expensive paint job. Hail could prove disastrous to the auto body, and cost you your full car insurance premium to get smoothed out. Oh, and

Bird Poop.

Getting into a boiling hot car is never fun. Whether your car port is freestanding, flat, gabled or intricately crafted with beautiful corbels, it will be protected from the sun so that when you get in your car, you won't have to experience that shocking burn from the metal buckle, or waste gas running the air conditioner.

Car ports done right by Done Right San Antonio Tx will also make it easier when you need to bring groceries inside on a rainy day. You no longer have to run inside holding paper bags that could fall apart at any moment.

So please! Call us today. 

The quote is free, the inspiration is priceless. 

We will happily assist you in choosing what works for your residential or commercial roofing desire:

  • Car Ports

  • Screened-In Porches

  • Glassed-In Porches

  • Stand-alone structures

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Gazebos

  • Barns 

  • Sheds

& muchísimo más! That's spanish for "you name it, you got it!"