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Roof Inspections

Ya'll are super smart, and with lots of heart. But we've got the eyes to save you from surprise.

Call Done Right Roofers to give your roof the once-over. It's super affordable, just call us for a quote! We'll come to your home or commercial building at the time that best for you, and communicate clearly exactly what we see.

Regular Roof Inspections are vital to keeping your home or business in great condition. Certain degradation of all materials is natural over time. Some of the things we look out for:

  • Wooden Shingles: Rot

  • Metal Shingles: Rust

  • Fiberglass shinges: Cracks

​If you have had any leaks, we will examine what the source of those leaks might be and give you our recommendation for how to proceed. 

If you get an inspection annually, we can help you take care of the little problems, like minor hail damage or cracked shingles, before the problems spread and you have to make the investment of a replacement roof. 

Metal Roofs, made of aluminum and very durable, are much less likely to need replacement. It would take a major event to damage one of those babies. They last up to fifty years! Check out our page on metal roofing if that might interest you. They are more expensive than your typical clay roofs, but in the long run, they are more affordable. They come with a guarantee that is decades more than clay roofs!

Clay roofs are beautiful as well, and we are happy to build them for you with the best techniques and the finest materials. If you have a clay roof, we encourage you even more to get your regular inspection.

Call today, and stop guessing!

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you as we serve our many happy customers in ​Helotes, Alamo Heights, Boerne, Downtown, Gruene, Monte Vista, Shavano Park, Garden Ridge, Universal City, Converse, Leon Valley, Lackland, Kirby, China Grove, Olmos Park, and Brackenridge Park.  ​